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    iReport is a free mobile application available for iOS and Android.
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Download for Free

iReport can be downloaded for free.

Easy to Report

iReport can be easily utilized by anyone

Real Time Access

iReport has real-time reports from users.


Providing Real Time Reports from People

iReport is a free mobile application available for iOS and Android users. The mobile application aims to encourage and empower individuals or groups to report any kind of disturbances, issues or concerns just by using their smart phones and submitting it to the proper authorities with just a click of a button.

Reporting Process

Reporting issues has never been so easy

  • download

    Step 1

    Download iReport from the App Store

  • register

    Step 2

    Register with your mobile device using One Time Password

  • report
    Step 3

    Report Issues / Concerns


iReport Features

User Friendly

Provides an easy feel of the process of reporting. You'll never get lost.

Photo Attachment

Support your reports with actual photos of the incident/issue. You can capture images directly from the app and access previously taken photos.

Time Stamps

The application will automatically take note of the time of the incident being reported. Hassle free for the user.

Offline Mode

Unlike other apps, iReport may be accessed even without internet connection. It will resume submitting your report once a connection has been established.

Fully Reponsive

The app provides a simple walk-through of the process of reporting. It's never been easier!

Clean Design

The app stays clear of any irrelevant buttons, activities or processes that may get in the way of your report.

Easy Reporting

Send your report with just one click of a button! It's never been this easy.